A member of the white supremacist prison gang the Peckerwoods was convicted last Friday of murdering his house guest, a registered sex offender, because his membership in the Peckerwoods required him to attack any person of the same race who had a history of child molestation.

48-year-old Charles Francis Gaskins pleaded no contest in March to the murder of 66-year-old Neil Hayes in 2009.

The two met during their shared time in prison, and Gaskins invited Hayes to live with him and his wife, Sandra Sheaves, in their home in Carmichael, a suburb of Sacramento.

During Hayes' stay, Sheaves learned through the Megan's Law website that her husband's prison buddy was a registered sex offender.

She informed Gaskins, who subsequently attacked Hayes in the garage with a rock, and bludgeoned him to death.

Gaskins and Sheaves then stuffed Hayes into the truck of their car and drove to Placerville, where they ditched the evidence.

The body was ultimately found and the two were charged — Gaskins with murder, and Sheaves with accessory.

As part of Gaskins' plea deal he received 26-to-life in prison, while the court gave Sheaves an eight-year sentence which will result in her being released in a couple of months.

[mug shots via AP]