This year, at the request of students, Florida Gulf Coast University booked Kendrick Lamar and Ludacris as the headliners at its annual "Eaglepalooza" concert. Well— the local sheriff is outraged that FGCU's president— a black man!— would stand for this filth.

The Fort Myers News-Press obtained email exchanges in which Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott expresses his shock and dismay that a large university would host a student concert featuring popular musical acts. "'Given the national outcries of racism in cases like Paula Dean, George Zimmerman, and countless others; one would think that FGCU, the NAACP, and any number of other groups or individuals with a dedicated pledge to racial respect would join me in protest of such reckless rehashing of the 'N-Word,'” he writes in one.

Who better than a white, Republican southern sheriff to stand up as a lone voice for racial justice? FGCU's president, Wilson Bradshaw, is a black man. "I am amazed that a black University President would sanction such a disgrace; especially during the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s speech," writes Sheriff Mike Scott, our generation's Bayard Rustin. He has a thing or two to teach Wilson Bradshaw, about race!

The overwhelming content of rancid profanity, violence, gender and racial insensitivity is beyond compare; therefore, I remain shocked that you will in essence endorse and promote this. You run the show there Brad...not the students. While I do agree that the race of any University President is irrelevant in this or any matter; I would think that you would be especially opposed to anyone or any act tied so closely to the University that spews the “n-word” with such reckless disregard...

As a concerned American, I remain confused as to the double standards and hypocrisies that events like this demonstrate at a time when Paula Dean became a negative, national headline for using the “n-word” some thirty (30) years ago.

Though we do not have the power to censor these vile, extremely popular mainstream hip hop acts, we can help you with your racial confusion, Sheriff Mike. See here and here.

[News-Press. Photo: Getty]