That short glug of water in the bolo unhappily shaking President Obama's hand is Oklahoma Rep. Paul Wesselhöft, who's lately made his bones calling for Attorney General Eric Holder's impeachment and warning all listeners about the terrors of the National Black Panther Party.

When he's not busy complaining about the black president and the black attorney general and the black "terrorists" trying to steal your vote, the Republican Wesselhöft runs Socrates on Facebook, a discussion group dedicated to "clashing ideas, openness, and a learning experience," which mostly means a lot of links to Fox News favorite Andrew Napolitano, Benghazi roundups, and explanations of how "THOSE OH SO TOLERANT CALIFORNIA LEFTIST/LIBERALS ATTACK AGAIN."

But as the Okie blog The Lost Ogle pointed out this morning, tone on Socrates has turned ugly in the past half-day, since Wesselhöft sarcastically jabbed the jackbooted Black Panthers of cultural P.C. who might be miffed at him for occasionally using the "N-word" in "historical context."

Hmm, not exactly prudent, but maybe he can explain. For one, you see, this all seemed to arise when another woman in the group took umbrage at a fellow user's deployment of the term, and Wesselhöft, solomonic statesman that he is, ruled that everything was just fine:

Yeah Chelsea, quit taking offense. It was just an evidently not-black dude talking about how some black guys talk about themselves.

Anyway, Wesselhöft's fear here is, how are we ever gonna be able to talk about the past around here without using the word?

This is key, even though Wesselhöft, again, is a state legislator and not a screenwriter, director, or actor. He should be able to talk about movies that use the "N-word," or friends that use the "N-word" to discuss how black men see other black men, and also what about Huck Finn, dammit?

Because don't you see that's what the racially sensitive fascist leftist thought-controllers want? To burn all your black man-loving books! But you're missing the big idea here, which is Paul Wesselhöft isn't the racist here; you are, for listening to rap music:

Hopefully Wesselhöft can get off this tack soon and back to his old shtick from last month: accusing Eric Holder of working with the Black Panthers and also black Muslims. Here's a cool video. Fun starts at 32:48.

I want to talk about Black Panther voter intimidation at the polls! Especially in 2008 in Philadelphia, we had Black Panthers, we all saw them on television, they had black suits on, they were wielding clubs, immediately in front of the polls where you go to vote.

Can you imagine that happening on Oklahoma? We would never allow that to happen in Oklahoma. And we all saw it on television. And this attorney general did nothing about prosecuting the Black Panthers. And I think I have a theory why. Why didn't this attorney general prosecute the Black Panther thugs? Well, I have a theory…

Eric Holder was shaped by the '70s, and I believe he was especially shaped — frankly psychologically developmentally arrested in the 70s, and that happened at Columbia University… he was a member of a black organization back then, called the Student Afro-American Society. And that group issued a statement supporting the Black Panthers who at that time were charged with plotting to blow up the police station and a number of other buildings in the New York area…

Eric Holder was involved with that! And two years later… Holder was demanding that Columbia name that building after Malcolm X… in honor of a black Muslim leader.

That's some solid historical context, there.

Well done, Oklahoma! This should at least take everybody's minds off the botched execution for a minute or two.

[H/t The Lost Ogle]