The White Man March, a worldwide white supremacist rally that was set to go off Saturday, may have actually happened. It's just that no one really noticed.

Organized by Kyle Hunt, host of an online radio station that's worried about the impending "destruction of the white race," the event was supposed to see throngs of white dudes in light khakis and sunglasses on the march in cities everywhere. Instead, it seems to have attracted fewer than 100 people, who mostly just took photos with their "diversity = white genocide" banners and went home.

Small groups showed up in Cincinnati, Ohio and Birmingham, Ala. (where police quickly removed their signs), and one guy from New Zealand participated, but that's the only evidence the racist rally ever happened.

Here's a video made to show the success of the event. (Spoiler: It doesn't.)

Meanwhile, a Twitter hashtag mocking the White Man Marchers, #WhiteManMarchProtestSigns, attracted a much bigger crowd.

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