The White House is looking into how what appears to be a selfie of the president's 16-year-old daughter, Malia Obama, sporting the t-shirt of Joey Bada$$'s rap crew, Pro Era, made it onto the internet. And also where they can get one of those shirts, and whether Malia can get them Bada$$'s autograph please?

The photo turned up on Pro Era's Instagram after, a rep for Joey Bada$$ told Gawker, the group received it from "a mutual friend" of Malia and a Pro Era member.

Fox News points out that Michelle Obama famously keeps her daughters on social media lockdown, with Malia on Facebook only and her little sister Sasha forbidden from using social sites altogether. Banning teens from social media has historically worked very well, due to their inclination to do whatever their parents ask instead of participating in popular activities their friends are doing, so we can definitely rule out "secret Instagram account" as the source of the leak.

"Malia can you teach me how to use Snapchat Malia how do you know Joey Bada$$ can you please introduce me Malia can I play you my demo sometime," said a representative for the Secret Service, probably.

[Photo: Malia Obama??/Instagram]