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Barack Obama and a visiting foreigner just had a press conference, but nobody cares about the other country (Turkey?) because there are scandals afoot in Washington, so everything's about Eric Holder always doing terrible things. Eric Holder is Obama's friend. So he won't be fired unless all of this doesn't go away in the next couple of news cycles.

All kinds of important things are happening somewhere on Earth, with Syria and the Middle East in general (always) and terrorists, but nobody in Washington media cares about this. As soon as the Turkish prime minister tries to say something, in Turkish, Wolf Blitzer is all "And now Jake Tapper, here live in the CNN control center, how is this scandal playing out?"

Obama also says "I make no apologies" for spying on the reporters. This is one of the three scandals, which are: spying on reporters, making the Tea Party fill out scary forms, and ... emails regarding Benghazi. Really good and riveting scandals, all of them.

It was raining for a while and Obama's royal servants held umbrellas over his hair, which is suddenly almost completely white.

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