Last week, childlike Business Insider boss Henry Blodget publicly bemoaned the fact that a fancy New York restaurant employs bathroom attendants. Now, Henry's dream has come true: the bathroom attendants are all getting fired. Great.

What happened was, Blodget had breakfast at Balthazar (fun fact: with Gawker Media boss Nick Denton). Then, as bloggers do, he took to his keyboard to complain—in this case, about the "terrible practice" of employing bathroom attendants. "I am hereby appealing not just to the bosses at Balthazar, but to restaurateurs and hoteliers all over the world, to eliminate it," concluded his clarion call.

Henry Blodget gets results!

When Foster Kamer contacted Balthazar owner Keith McNally for a response, McNally told him: "I completely agree with it and will, in the next few weeks, relieve the restaurant’s bathroom attendants of their duties."

Thus, Henry Blodget, a millionaire, has successfully convinced Keith McNally, a millionaire, to fire several low-wage employees, in order to avoid any potential inconvenience to Balthazar-dining millionaires in the future. (Henry is now tossing out comically unhelpful ideas about saving their jobs. Too late, Henry!)

The least Henry Blodget can do now is to hire all those former bathroom attendants as Business Insider writers. It would be a step down for them, but it's better than nothing.

[Photo: Flickr]