Longtime New York Daily News gossip columnists Rush and Molloy have a new book coming out about their years in the gossip industry. It names names throughout—but at least one old scandal stayed a blind item.

In a New York Times Style piece yesterday about the book, Jacob Bernstein mentions that George Rush and Joanna Molloy were bickering during their interview about a certain blind item that Rush had included in the book, that Molloy felt was "almost libelous." Using our powers of speed-reading, we tracked down the paragraph in question, on page 107.

Who Is This Producer?

One producer kept a larder stocked with items he could trade in case you heard something bad about him or his movies. And there were some bad things, such as the audio recording a foe had surreptitiously made of his bedroom performance. The producer even kept a former columnist on a $100,000 retainer to come up with trade-worthy items. Sometimes we couldn't resist giving the producer a little poke. His extramarital affair had become so flagrant that we ran a blind item about him nuzzling his mistress in a hotel pool. The producer saw the item and sent his staff to buy up every copy of the Daily News in the seaside town where his wife was on vacation. His panic soared when a paparazzo offered us smoking-gun photos of the producer cavorting with his bikini-clad girlfriend in the surf. The producer took the pictures off the market, spending a small fortune. He even hired his paparazzo tormentor to be an official photographer at his parties, insuring the pap's long-term loyalty. Little did the producer know that Daily News editor Ed Kosner had already passed on the snaps, explaining, "Who wants to look at an old Jew in his bathing suit?"

Guesses go in the discussion section below. Rush and Molloy will be joining us here next week for a live chat about their book, so you can ask them all about it.