In his first joint campaign appearance with Hillary Clinton, prominent narc Barack Obama let slip that his daughter, Sasha Obama, tweets. Meaning that Sasha’s covert days on Twitter are just about over.

Obama actually revealed the secret as an aside in a burn on Trump, saying, “Everybody can tweet, but nobody knows what it takes to do the job until you’ve sat behind the desk. I mean, Sasha tweets.”

It’s only a matter of time before the internet’s many amateur detectives uncover the youngest First Daughter’s Twitter hideaway. We’ve managed to narrow down the field using some clever context clues. One of the below tweeters is without question Sasha Obama—can you figure out which?

Incredible that Sasha Obama finds time to go to school, have a President for a dad, and work part-time at Old Navy.

This one could be Sasha Obama.

Or maybe this one is Sasha Obama.

Is Sasha Obama pretending to be the family dog?

Suspicious—Sasha Obama does seem to love her father, President Barack Obama, very much.

Sasha Obama does hate the overlapping interests of the government and the prison industry.

This one could very well be Sasha Obama.

Or maybe this one is Sasha Obama.

It’s true, Sasha Obama does have a sister named Malia.

Again, from what we’ve seen, Sasha Obama has been known to love her father, President Barack Obama.

Does @lqtm69 feel this way because her dad is, in fact, President Barack Obama?

Sounds like something Sasha Obama would say.

This one could be Sasha Obama attempting to throw us off her trail

Do you know which one is Sasha Obama? Let us know below.