Almost every major-to-moderate media outlet will be working hard from their designated workspaces in the convention center this week to bring you the latest RNC news, just as fast as their little fingers can type. But not all designated workspaces are created equal.

How does your favorite media outlet’s piece of RNC real estate measure up? Will its temporary “crib” make you proud? Or should you be embarrassed to count yourself among their readership?

Here are the digs. We’ll let you decide for yourselves.

USA Today

The plants are a nice touch. I would have gone in for a closer look but someone who either is in charge of guarding the fine workers of USA Today or just wanted to feel like a Big Man shooed me away. So much for camaraderie. Nice carpet, assholes.

The Guardian

They seemed to be having a nice time. Good for The Guardian.

Bittorrent News

For fans of both politics and the Dark Web.


Not sure they need all that space, honestly.

Or their own bathrooms, for that matter.

The Associated Press

Only ten people actually work there.

Every International Outlet

You want to see where the foreign press sets up shop, you say? Please, follow me.

Take a left.

Keep going.

Finally, eventually, you’ll get here.

And you’ll find the foreign press.

The people behind this curtain were very nice. Granted, they were starved for human contact thanks to a sea of curtains and concrete, but I appreciated the smiles nonetheless.

The real fun, though, happens on New Media Row. Where all your favorite conservative talk show hosts mingle with millenial-centric blogs to make up the most bizarre lunchroom cafeteria this side of Cleveland. That’s where you’ll find brands such as....


About half a dozen people were silently standing in a semi-circle around those empty chairs for six minutes.

The Wall Street Journal

Very sad they forgot to bring their employees.


Who wants some free radio equipment?

WINK (?) News

Or free everything?


Vox brought their own tiny yellow chairs.

Sirius XM

Sirius XM brought their own screaming men.

The Daily Signal

The Daily Signal’s only employee.

Real Clear Politics

I stole a lanyard. I’m sorry.


Now This News

That man’s actually been asleep in that position for days.

The Politico

Today I learned that The Politico is a magazine.

This guy!

Hey, man.

The name escapes me.

Infowars I think it is?

Yeah, Infowars.


Just some millenials snappin’ about politics.

The Google Lounge

Google ran out of coffee.


...and CNN’s Cafe

Fancy spices!

CBS News

With every one of its beloved personalities.

And last but not least...


Just kidding. We don’t even have a designated workspace. I had to file this from an Applebee’s.