Today GQ published a long profile of George Zimmerman’s family, with a focus on how they’ve dealt with the media’s intense scrutiny of their brother, who shot and killed a black teenager named Trayvon Martin in February 2012. Zimmerman’s gay brother, Robert, handled the new attention by very nearly sleeping with an unnamed “female cable-news talking head.”

The profile’s author, Amanda Robb, drops this little detail in a lengthy parenthetical toward the end, after discussing Robert’s newfound role as the family’s official spokesman:

His family-spokesman gig has been making him feel especially torn lately. On the one hand, he enjoys the attention. (At one point he tells me a long, hilarious story about a surreal night of drinking recently in New York City with a female cable-news talking head and the Navy Seal who allegedly shot Osama bin Laden. Robert says he wound up in bed with the cable-news commentator and, even though his sexuality seems to be pointed in the wrong direction, they began hooking up, until his bracelet got caught in her hair.)

Well. Perhaps you know who this cable-news commentator is? Or the Navy SEAL who claims to have personally assassinated Osama bin Laden? If so, let us know below or send us a quick email. We’ll be in touch.

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