Saturday night’s hellish Republican debate covered nearly everything: mooning, 9/11, and even a quick Spanish lesson. But one important policy issue no one even touched on? Vaping.

Grover Norquist, a politician and president of Americans for Tax Reform, is not the same Republican Congressman who recently vaped mid-legislative session. But he does want to talk about vaping. As the debate wound down, Norquist fired off a series of tweets demanding justice for vapers.

A fair point! Out with the 9/11 chatter, in with the serious issue of vape policy. Norquist, a conservative who thoroughly enjoyed Burning Man in 2014, has longed for vape justice for quite some time now.

The next Republican debate is scheduled for February 25. Hopefully by then, the world will come to realize that the issue of vape policy is as serious as a heart attack, and we need to discuss it now.

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