When Matt Drudge wasn’t writing up ALL-CAPS HEADLINES over the past year about Hillary Clinton, Trayvon Martin, Quentin Tarantino, and the “knockout game,” the notoriously peripatetic ur-blogger began occasionally documenting his whereabouts on Twitter—a bold decision for the famously reclusive Miamian.

Pieced together, Drudge’s emissions reveal his global tour across two continents, three countries, and nearly a dozen American cities (and his unedited thoughts about Obama, Obamacare, Clinton, “demon possession,” and Wal-Mart). Below we’ve collected Drudge’s frequently-deleted* tweets about his travels here and abroad. Who knows where he’ll end up in 2014.

May 27 — Tampa

Travel notes: “Played name that tune with Dove 105FM Tampa [best Easy Listening station in nation] What does it mean when can name most songs in ONE note?” (Link)

June 5 — Las Vegas, Wynn Hotel Pool

Travel notes: “SUMMER SCENES: Woman reading Kindle while IN the pool at WYNN hotel, looking like she's already enjoying some Obamacare...” (Deleted)

June 16 — Washington, D.C.

Travel notes: “6/16: Cab ride from Airport into DC $16.66. Stayed at Mayflower hotel, room #666. On 16th St, spotted car with bumper sticker Hillary '16...” (Link)

July 13 — Miami

Travel notes: “Tense feeling in Miami tonight. Gunfire in distance, normal soundtrack. Helicopters hovering...” (Deleted)

August 2 — A Wal-Mart (Location Unknown)

Travel notes: “It's heartbreaking being in Walmart end/beginning of each month when everyone has their govt $. It's only time America seems to come alive” (Deleted)

September 7 — New York City

Travel notes: “Seeing increase in demon possession, or severe mental illness. Watched woman on 8th Av NYC with severe Tourette's whose face kept contorting” (Deleted)

September 13 — London

Travel notes: “Newsroom hopping here in London. Media remain much more vibrant than states. Sharp criticism of Obama all around...” (Deleted)

September 26 — Scottsdale, Arizona

Travel notes: “My favorite sunrise in the world: Scottsdale, AZ. God goes from loving to angry to tolerant, all in 30 minutes...” (Link)

October 8 — Toronto

Travel notes: “Worst City For Pot Smells: TORONTO! Damp skunk stink fills streets. Dry it out in the oven, people!” (Link)

October 14 — Washington, D.C.

Travel notes: “DC just now from 10,000 FT. It all seems so simple from up here. So clean, so free...” (Link)

October 14 — A Wal-Mart (Location Unknown)

Travel notes: “Go to any Walmart at 3 in the morning and people watch, and you will understand deeply why Obama is president and why nation is where it is.” (Link)

November 9 — Indiana

Travel notes: “Took this [picture of sunset] tonight 37,000ft over Indiana. Thought of Buddha 'finger pointing to the moon.' Let's go...” (Deleted)

December 24 — South Florida

Travel notes: “Such exquisite road rage and aggression in stores already this morning in S Florida. Folks really getting into spirit of the season...” (Deleted)

Happy New Year, Matt!

* For unknown reasons, Drudge maintains a strict 100 tweet count on his personal Twitter account, meaning every new tweet forces him to delete an old one, though not according to any discernable pattern.

[Art by Jim Cooke. Photo credits: Associated Press, Shutterstock, Jim Trodel, Dru Bloomfield, bnpositive, Sarah Ackerman, and Michael Gray]