Last Wednesday, singer and definitely not a cat that body-switched with her human master (Taylor Swift) Taylor Swift was photographed quitting her beautiful New York City penthouse of horrors with her new cat Olivia Benson carried en plein air.

This morning—less than a week later—it happened again.

As anyone who has ever chatted with a cat can attest, these beasts are not known for their love of being toted by their tummies from place to place.

There are not many private or publicly owned businesses in New York City where an unleashed animal would be welcome.

Three hundred-some-odd years ago in Swift's beloved New England, an unmarried woman so often seen in the presence of a nude cat would have been hanged by the neck until dead as punishment for her magical crimes.

Earlier this year, Swift was photographed removing a different cat from her apartment for a day of drama and wonder. That cat was imprisoned in a vinyl jail. This one can feel the air brush against its body. "God's hands," thinks Olivia Benson.

Where does Taylor Swift take the cat?

[Images via Splash, Twitter]