Chiara de Blasio, the daughter of New York City mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio, is a college sophomore at a school in California. She’s also the subject of dozens of profiles and the star of a well-received campaign ad for her father. Given her recent prominence, we were curious about which school she is attending. Nobody will say.

In September The Cut’s Maureen O’Connor interviewed Chiara, who said that she attends a California school with a “pretty small campus” that “wasn’t really diverse, racially or economically.” She is majoring in environmental studies, and chose that school for “scholarship purposes.”

Yesterday, Chris Smith of New York magazine clarified that the school is in “Northern California”—but, again, without stating where she actually attends college. Given the fact that Chiara is an adult and is unambiguously being deployed by her father’s campaign via both political advertisements and interviews as a publicity asset, it struck us as odd that this particular, everyday datapoint is missing from all her coverage—especially when reporters are staking out her younger brother Dante at his Brooklyn high school, the name of which has been repeatedly reported.

An informal survey of several reporters embedded in the mayoral race was split between those who didn’t know or bother to ask (including Smith) and those who didn’t return our emails (including O’Connor). A spokeswoman for the de Blasio campaign did not acknowledge repeated requests for comments, either.

Maybe you know.

Update: It’s Santa Clara University, according to a scanned version of the university’s 2012-2013 yearbook that a tipster found online. Also according to this hippie.

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