Spring sprang about a month ago, but it finally feels like it. My iPhone tells me that it’s going to be 75 and sunny tomorrow in New York. That’s crazy! People are going to be walking around butt-ass naked in response, and won’t that be fun to see? There’s nothing like a solid spring day to undo four bullshit months of shitty winter misery.

To go with this weather, perhaps you would like some music. Or perhaps you already have some queued up. I think you should. Summer jams are a thing, but spring jams aren’t really a thing and I think that’s foolish. Spring is where tomorrow’s summer jams incubate. Why wait till June to groove? Below, I’ve posted some of my favorite songs at the moment. In the comments, I encourage you to embed your own.

Lido & Canblaster “Superspeed”

I can’t stop listening to this slice of futuristic retro garage, not that I’ve tried. Catchy and slapstick, it makes me wish I were the head of a cheer squad I could force to dance a routine to this.

Lxury featuring Depford Goth “Square 1”

This also has an old-school garage tinge. It makes me feel like I have a bounce house inside of my head (and who’s to say I don’t?).

Squarepusher “Stor Eiglass”

At last, the drill’n’bass cover of “ Just Like Heaven” we’ve been waiting for all these years.

Todd Terje “Alfonso Muskedunder (Mungolian Jetset Remix)”

This is what is playing when you get to heaven if God is in a mambo mood.

The-Dream “Fruition”

This has been out for a minute, and I’m still not tired of it. (Also The-Dream’s Crown EP, which features “Fruition,” came out this week.) The-Dream meets a yacht rock riff and unabashed affection ensues. Stick around for the final goes at the chorus, when he really lets loose ‘90s style. This is the sound of a man who believes in love and all that it can do for you.

OK, now you go.

[ Image via Shutterstock]