This dashcam video of a nighttime encounter with a fake roadblock on Interstate 78 near the New Jersey Turnpike is easily the pants-shittingest thing in real life horror on the internet today, but what the hell is actually going on here?

According to the driver, Ivan Tukhtin, he grew immediately suspicious—as you do when you come across an unlit roadblock and a figure shambling through the shadows just beyond the range of your headlights—and intentionally lured the mystery man toward his window so he could drive through.

"No lights or hazards," Tukhtin wrote on YouTube. "Both lanes blocked off. Suspicious for sure, scary to think what could have happened."

Was this the setup for a carjacking? (Probably.) A plainclothes cop with a creepy walk who doesn't follow proper safety procedures vis-a-vis lights and flares on a highway after dark? (No.) A covert teaser for some Blair Witch-y new video project? (Maybe?)

The driver alerted the cops, who told him they'd look into the situation, but nothing's popped up in the news yet. All speculation and additional info welcome.

[h/t Reddit]