When Newtown (CT) police officers responded to a State Police tip about suspicious activity at a rundown property in Sandy Hook they found the back door had been broken down.

Oh, and someone had been storing up to 300 one-gallon plastic jugs filled with urine inside the house.

For perspective's sake, The Danbury News-Times notes that the average person "produces about six cups of urine a day."

After sending a sample of the "brown liquid" to a drug lab, authorities determined that the substance was regular human urine and concluded that no criminal activity was taking place at the vacant residence.

The homeowner, whose name has not been released, has since been contacted, but no explanation has been given for his bizarre collection.

An environmental cleanup crew was dispatched to help local and state officials dispose of the jugs.

The house itself, which is in extremely bad shape, will need to be demolished if the owner is unwilling or unable to pay for repairs.

As for the urine, it is now the property of a nearby sewage-treatment plant.

[screengrab via News-Times]