Because the contemplation of death is the highest level of human activity, every year we meditate on the passage of time by examining the pop-culture artifacts that were omnipresent at the time of birth of the students now entering high school and/or college. What was the world like when the high school class of 2018 was born? The world was like, as it turns out, the pop-culture diet of a middle-class American adolescent.

But there are other beings in creation than high school freshmen. Humans may measure time in years and generations; the Elder Gods, who come to us from outside space, measure time in increments we can fathom only in the flitting moments between consciousness and the dark brush of sleep. Want to feel young?

What the world was like when the Elder Gods were born



Formless horror

Rugrats wasn't on TV yet


A great chasm of souls

Cell phones looked like this

Pain and silence

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