Those who keep a close eye on the airline industry tell us that many airlines today are considering doing away with "First Class," in favor of, I suppose, either more ultraluxury seats, or more tiny hell seats. What was "First Class," anyhow?

As far as I can make out, First Class is not the same as Business Class which is not the same as Economy Plus Class and certainly not the same as Corporate Cabins which are basically little apartments in the sky, and cost as much as little apartments. This Bloomberg report says that customers of some of the finer airlines are migrating towards super-ultra-deluxe-flat bed seating or nice-but-not-quite-as-insanely-expensive Business Class seating, leaving fewer customers for plain old First Class.

I never sat in First Class. What are we talking about here?

While first-class berths offer a more exclusive travel experience, the perks that come with a fare double the business tariff can be marginal, often including finer dining, high-end toiletries, a fancier limousine to the airport and free pyjamas.

First class from NYC to London costs about $8,000, which is more than $1,000 per hour. I assume "pyjamas" are a type of sex act.

[Photo: Flickr]