Today is the 100th birthday of guitar god Les Paul, whose innovations helped to make Gibson one of the world’s most famous guitar makers. Speaking of that—how is Gibson doing, these days?

How is Gibson, that iconic brand, celebrating the centennial of Les Paul, its iconic godfather? A special guitar? A grand concert? A national ad campaign? No. Gibson is celebrating this day by “giving everyone who purchases a 2015 Gibson USA guitar TODAY the chance to have the purchase price of their guitar reimbursed back to them. 1 out of every 10 will win!”

Truly an iconic remembrance.

We last wrote about Gibson last year, when we reprinted an ENRAGED email from the company’s famously unlikeable CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz (pictured). Though it is difficult to get any official accounts of trouble at Gibson under Juszkiewicz’s leadership, unofficial accounts—meaning tips from disgruntled current and former Gibson employees—are not hard to come by at all. In fact, we’ve received quite a few ourselves.

It’s not just people leaking to us. The internet is littered with employees decrying the “toxic environment” inside Gibson thanks to its “narcissistic” CEO, and the company’s own Facebook page is littered with comments from fans and customers decrying the latest models as too expensive and of too low quality. Of course, when it’s impossible to get official confirmation of all the rumors you hear, you never can say definitively that they’re true. What you can do is to say to you, the all-knowing public: What have you heard about Gibson lately?

Because I’ve heard that guitar sales are down sharply this year; that Gibson managers are on notice that there will be hell to pay unless sales go up in a matter of months; that the company screwed up a payroll recently; that the egomaniacal CEO Juskiewicz is functioning as an all-powerful (and easily pissed off) HR chief; and even that he has demanded to personally approve who gets access to the company’s Tennessee Titans tickets. But who can say where the truth lies?

What have you heard about Gibson? Leave a comment, or email me.

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