Clapping for the Wrong Reasons, a short film written and produced by Donald Glover, is 24 minutes and 46 seconds of mysterious, confusing and cryptic visual non-sequiturs. Some feel it's absurd, eccentric to say the least, vague, or bizarre. And finally, some just have no idea "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON."

Directed by Hiro Murai, Clapping is about dreams or memories or about a conversation you once had about god in your freshman film seminar. Here are 11 key stills from Donald Glover starring as an artiste.

Donald Glover enjoys his cereal by both the crude mountains of the earth and the sleek symbols of technological advancement, as his soul wavers between prioritizing the beauty of nature, snacks, and knowledge.

He uses a cordfull phone, which places key insight that this cogent presentation of memory comes from 1992.

He has so many shoes.

He wins a push-up contest and gloats, but also he wrote this film and dream, so I think the validity of his victory is questionable.

Danielle Fishel recounts a dream in which she's wearing Old Navy cargo pants to her wedding.

She's picking lemons and avocados, because in this relic of cinema, everyone lives in paradise.

As we see Donald pose coyly by a gorgeously never-ending pool, we can see his pleasure in his prowess to contain the sustaining life force of water.

Chance the Rapper and Trinidad Jame$ play Connect Four.

Donald dribbles up the stairs, because he's an adult and he can do whatever he wants. Is this dream short film about confirming the fact that he can do whatever he wants, including make a totally legible short film? Probably!

He recovers a gold tooth on a string out his nose because that's symbolism.

Can I interest you in a thoughtful fireside chat with Childish Gambino? Well, that's it, so I'm glad you now fully comprehend art and cinema and poetic memory.