Fair-haired, symmetrical actress Dianna Agron recently redesigned the backyard of her Hollywood Hills mansion to have a dinner party with her girlfriends. Said dinner party was photographed by the home design site Domaine and catered by Agron's chef friend Megan Mitchell.

Agron, whose latest project appears to be running a "music inspiration website" that was maybe hacked, has somehow unlocked life.

I mean, what? How? Where the fuck do you get a range like that when you've been off Glee since like, 2011?

Answers to these questions are not revealed in the short interview that accompanies Domaine's photo spread, but Agron does say this: "I knew I wanted the color story to be blue." She continues,

I knew I wanted many plants and mirrors, and for it to not be disjointed from the interior. I wanted there to be many options. A place to lounge in the sun, a dinning table for eating, painting, whatever we needed.

Whatever we needed.

Tonight, I light three candles, float them into the vomit puddle outside my apartment, and delete my Pinterest account.

[Photo via Domaine]