Gawker believes that publicly airing rumors out is usually the quickest way to get to the truth. We also believe that Friday afternoons are a great time to share gossip with your friends. Here’s what Gawker readers have been hearing lately.

Important note: We make every effort to track down and report out the rumors and gossip we hear, but for a variety of reasons we can't always nail them the way we'd like. So let’s acknowledge that we can’t vouch for the veracity or truth of the rumors we’ll be sharing here—but maybe you can.

Rumor: Camille Cosby is leaving her husband.

Camille Cosby is rumored to be leaving Bill Cosby amid rape allegations and is seeking $350 million in their divorce settlement. Allegedly. — Don’t Be Koi

Rumor: The sets of the Hobbit films are very gay.

I’ve got some contacts who were close to the Hobbit movies, apparently not only are half the main cast as gay as the day is long—two of them were/are in a very serious relationship. And no, neither of them are out. Not naming names (not my place to do that, it’s cruel), but it makes me so sad that these men have it all - money, good looks, talent, careers on the up, but they don’t want to be out because they’re (and by they I mean their agents) are afraid of what it would do to their careers.

If you were on set, apparently it was obvious (both the number of men who were gay and the two who were in a relationship) what was going on and these people were happy to be themselves. But outside the set (aside from the likes of Stephen Fry and Ian McKellen), these men are deep deep deeeeeeeeeep in the closet.

Rumor: Lee Pace and Richard Armitage are the Hobbit couple mentioned above:

It’s Lee Pace and the King Dwarf Richard Armitage! They had Thanksgiving together at one of their parents’ houses like last year. — Mindovermatteroffact

Rumor: That huge Sony hack is not as it seems.

That the Sony hack was led by Sabu and orchestrated by the FBI in order to make sure people stay terrified of North Korea. Sabu has already hacked Sony repeatedly, and he's been working with the FBI for years. It all makes sense and it would be easy for him, particularly with the resources of the US government behind him. — Raincoaster

Rumor: Matthew Barney is dating Sheryl Crow.

Matthew Barney is dating Sheryl Crow. Whether he is trying to be ironic or not, it’s true. Give it three months until it shakes the art world. I can’t give up my source, but they were spotted at Bed Bath & Beyond [in Chelsea] together in the last month. — Neelloccam

Rumor: Tory Burch is dating Kevin Plank.

Tory Burch and Kevin Plank (Under Armour CEO) are an item. — Lejebird

Rumor: Taylor Lautner was a homewrecker.

Taylor Lautner is gay, and had a brief affair with Bryan Singer around 2009 or 2010, causing the end of Singer’s “monogamous” relationship at the time. — Burner0718

Rumor: Benedict Cumberbatch’s engagement to Sophie Hunter is a public relations ploy.

Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged only as a PR strategy for the Oscars. They look like they hate each other in pics and even got into a brief argument on a recent red carpet. — Aeiou

His engagement is real, but he strategically timed it for the Oscars. He is actually incredibly careerist and very “Hollywood.” He wants to be a huge movie star and was very let down— even a little pissed—that last year didn’t help him break out more and get an Oscar nod. — LAX-Pat

Rumor: TeenLand might be getting a new lesbian couple soon.

There is fierce competition brewing to become the next IT lesbian couple for maximum attention in the teen world which is why all we’ll read in the upcoming months is about Cara Delevingne doing Kendall Jenner vs. Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss’ scissoring. — Icansmellyou

Rumor: Lamar Odom was caught freebasing in Houston.

A very reliable source told me he had an “incident,” I want to say in Houston, when he was still in the NBA where he pretty much blew up himself and the room he was in on some Richard Pryor freebase shit. And the powers that be/were knew about it... — Taint Nuttin

Rumor: Nicholas Brendon and his wife are divorcing.

I just found out this week that Nicholas Brendon, formerly of Buffy the Vampire Slayer now on Criminal Minds, is divorcing his wife of 6 weeks, because she found out he cheated on her. There was a video on youtube where she called him out for alcoholism, cocaine addiction, and steroid abuse, but apparently it was either deleted or privated. — Via email

Now it’s your turn. What have you been lately heard about celebrities, politicians, businessmen, or other public figures? What are you dying to tell someone, anyone, but can’t? Throw it in the comments below or shoot us an email. (If we missed your message the last time around—blame Thanksgiving—feel free to send it again.) As always, anonymity guaranteed.


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