Gawker believes that publicly airing rumors out is usually the quickest way to get to the truth. We also believe that Friday afternoons are a great time to share gossip with your friends. Here’s what we’ve heard lately.

Important note: We make every effort to track down and report out the rumors and gossip we hear, but for a variety of reasons we can’t always nail them the way we’d like. So let’s acknowledge that we can’t vouch for the veracity or truth of the rumors we’ll be sharing here—but maybe you can.

Rumor: Vogue’s rat infestation is getting even worse. A tipster writes in:

Subject: There is poop everywhere at vogue


It might even involve foul play, according to a different tipster:

I’m hearing staffer are very suspicious about foul play—no mice on any other floor! Just on Vogue floor! No idea if it’s true of not, but rumor is going around fashion community!

Rumor: Todd Christly, of Christly Knows Best, is gay and bankrupt:

I heard through a friend that the Todd Christly guy (Christly Knows Best, or what have you) is gay, and the marriage is a sham. Also, he’s moving to LA in the show not for his daughter’s career but because he’s bankrupt and his house got taken from him. The new place he has in LA was bought by USA Network. — Saturn Nuts

Rumor: Lamar Odom is hiding out in Los Angeles:

Khloe Kardashian’s basketball player husband who is a drug addict (allegedly) ... is staying in the valley here in LA and I see him randomly at a liquor store by my place. ... He’s not missing, just hiding out and buying Mt. Dew and Chocolate Peanut M&Ms. — Filmgirl

Rumor: Here is an email we received:

There is a South African golfer who shall remain nameless. This golfer has been called the most hated golfer in the sport. This golfers wife or ex made a comment a while back saying something to the effect that there was a big story behind their divorce but at that time she wasn't allowed to comment. This golfer ALLEGEDLY had a credit card his wife was unaware of that he used to pay HIGH priced prostitutes from all over the country with. Many many many of them. The same ones apparently. All in areas he frequented for tournaments and vacation. ALLEGEDLY the wife found out that he was charging tens of thousands a months on this. Although she had been told about an infidelity or two she turned a blind eye. But this was too much. ALLEGEDLY in the divorce he tried to give her next to nothing and has had by choice very little contact with his minor children since. This golfer lived in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex.

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