Here is a video montage, apparently compiled by Twitter user @Immigrants4Trump, of Donald Trump interacting with voters of color (as well as his wife and daughter), set to a song about trains. The video is called “TRUMP TRAIN 2016.” “Come on ride the train,” it implores. “Ride it.”

The video, which has been warmly embraced by the Trump social media team, contains a coda: An adaptation of “The Hanging Tree,” a song from The Hunger Games, with lyrics by author Suzanne Collins—an eerie dirge evocative of murder ballads and civil-rights era protest songs. The adapted version asks:

Are you, are you, coming to the train,

Led by a man who wants to break the chains?

Establishment is terrified: They can’t control his reign.

Let’s meet this year on the Trump train.

One detail of particular significance: At 1:33, a bald eagle looks into the camera; the lyrics as it does so are “choo choo!”