Somebody called Carly Fiorina the “V-word,” according to Carly Fiorina. Oh no. What’s the V-word?

Fiorina declined to say the actual word on Boston Herald Radio today, but she did say that someone from Ted Cruz’s campaign called her this (I’m guessing bad) word last week. “I’ve now been called the V-word as well by the Cruz campaign,” she said. “Yes V, and I won’t say that word either. But suffice it to say—V as in Victor—when I told my story, my American dream story of my life, a prominent member of the Cruz campaign said that I had gone full V-word.”

Hmm. To what word is Fiorina referring? Vegetable? Vulcan? I have heard that you are not supposed to say “Voldemort,” but the FCC doesn’t have a specific rule against it.

Using context clues, Buzzfeed determined that Fiorina was talking about the following tweet, sent during last week’s Republican debate, from Steve Deace, a radio host and co-chair of Cruz’s Iowa campaign:



Not a swear or anything, but Carly Fiorina won’t say it.

If I were the sole female Republican candidate for president, I would say vagina all the time, but that’s just me.

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