Thigh gap. Why?

Girls desperately pursuing the goal of having thighs that do not touch one another. For what?

Urban Outfitters is just the latest perpetrator/ victim of the thigh gap phenomenon, after regulators in the UK forced the company to pull an underwear ad from its website because "there was a significant gap between the model's thighs, and that her thighs and knees were a similar width," which sends a negative message to young women. The message being that they should have a thigh gap.

Should they have a thigh gap? No.

What if you just naturally have a thigh gap and you're not anorexic or anything? That's fine. You do you.

Why the big fascination with having a thigh gap anyhow?

Do men find you more attractive if you have a thigh gap? No. This is some sort of outrageous myth. Do men even notice whether you have a thigh gap? No.

Maybe you don't care about the opinions of men. Good for you. Do women care if you have a thigh gap? I don't know but I doubt it. Not anyone worth caring about, at least.

What about your own opinion of yourself? Will you feel better if you have a thigh gap? No. You might feel better if you had huge thighs and no thigh gap thanks to doing squats, but only because you would know that you were prepared to help push a stalled car at a moment's notice. It wouldn't affect your moral quality as a person, either way.

Thigh gap? It seems like such a randomly chosen and inconsequential bodily feature to obsess over. A gap between your thighs as a defining feature of your physique, much less of your character? Preposterous. Pure drivel.

Who cares whether or not you have a thigh gap? Nobody I know or care to know, that's for sure.

What's with that?

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