Steven Tyler once sang, “Pink it’s my new obsession, pink it’s not even a question.” How wrong he was. A pink UFO was allegedly spotted hovering above the International Space Station in footage shot by NASA last week. A moment after the pink spot appears, NASA’s live stream cuts out. The nerve of NASA is astounding.

Some, including at least one YouTube user, believe this a cover-up meant to conceal the fact that the ISS is being monitored by alien life. Others believe it is just a glitch. NASA, according to the Daily Mail, refuses to comment either way. Very interesting.

(This is, of course, without even mentioning the fact that yesterday NASA tried to distract all of us with talk of “space lettuce”—a feckless sideshow. Now today I see a Daily Mail article also from yesterday about this UFO, the real story? Interesting.)

YouTube user Streetcap1 has this to say:

During a period when the camera is moving for a few minutes, Nasa captures a distant pink and gold object. Caught August 3rd, 2015. We need them to maybe start pointing the ISS cameras outward and stop treating people like children.

We are adults and deserve to know the truth. Are aliens monitoring the ISS? Might they invade at any moment? Are we waging an interplanetary war as we speak? Who is winning? The Mets? Or who? The Sun spoke to UFO expert Nigel Watson about the glowing pink orb:

“I’m a bit suspicious of this video, it could be of ‘real’ objects out there or some form of camera trickery. UFO spotters love to see any object or flick of light out there as proof that extra-terrestrial craft are monitoring our planet, and are keeping an eye on the ISS at a distance. Though if they are piloted by aliens using advanced technology, wouldn’t they have perfected the means to hide themselves completely from our cameras?”

Maybe, Nigel.

Or maybe what they desire, like anyone to be seen.

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