Greg Gutfeld, the Joy Behar of Fox News, has a new book* out (*HAVEN'T READ) called "Not Cool: The Hipster Elite And Their War on You." What is and is not "cool," according to Greg Gutfeld? A brief guide** below.

**This guide is based upon information contained in Saturday's Kyle Smith review of Gutfeld's book in the New York Post. Since "Greg Gutfeld's sociopolitical think pieces" and "New York Post book reviews" exist in the same plane of literary merit, we presume that the review's information is accurate. As we mentioned, we have not read this book. If we did read this book, we would probably keep that fact to ourselves.

Things That Are "Cool" (Which Is Bad) According to Greg Gutfeld's Book, According to the New York Post

  • "Icons of cool like Robert Redford, Mark Zuckerberg, Jesse James and Yoko Ono"
  • "Facebook — a company that oozes cool out its pores"
  • "murderous enemies of America (the Weather Underground, Mumia Abu-Jamal, the Boston Marathon bombers)"
  • "daft activities like collecting signatures on petitions for Greenpeace"
  • "the San Francisco ban on plastic shopping bags"
  • "artisanal tricycles"
  • "groovy artisanal types... who decided not to vaccinate"

Things That Are Uncool (Meaning Good) According to Greg Gutfeld's Book, According to the New York Post

  • Exxon
  • Koch Industries
  • DDT
  • "bankers, executives, ministers and professors"
  • Republicans

I certainly believe that Fox News viewers believe Greg Gutfeld knows what is cool.

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