Chester "Chet Haze" "Son of Tom Hanks " "Man of the World, Man of the People" Hanks was back on Instagram last week giving the world what we demand: more characters! Chet, it's been a while since we could embrace your character acting and alter egos. What's this? Bless you. Prayers have been answered, for we were all waiting. A new alter ego!

"Just created a new alter ego in addition to #WhiteChocolateAKAYoungRico... Meet Alabaster Black a crusty old pimp from Biloxi Mississipi this one gone be fun 😭😭😭," Chet tells his fans in the caption to his Instagram.

Has Chester Hanks ever been to Biloxi, Mississippi? We may never know, but we can certainly speculate. For more in the Chet Haze canon, visit this link, where real does nothing but recognize real.

[Image via AP, video/image Via Instagram]