Last night, after Wall Street teat-sucker Cory Booker repeatedly quoted Maya Angelou in a speech that openly railed against “individualism,” Donald Trump sent out a curious tweet:

Okay! What does this mean? There are a few possibilities.

1. Donald Trump thinks Cory Booker is gay

Cory Booker is handsome and successful and perpetually single (publicly, at least), so questions about his sexuality have trailed him as he’s ascended up the Democratic party. In January 2013, an aide for a Republican running against Booker accused him of being gay for not responding hornily to direct messages from a female stripper, which provoked MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow to take the somewhat odd step of affirming Booker’s straightness on her TV show.

Trump’s tweet can easily be read as an insinuation about Booker’s sexuality, whatever it may be. (Booker and his people have demurred when asked about this in the past.) If that’s what the tweet is, it’s oddly worded: Booker, age 47, knows where he falls on the spectrum of sexuality better than Donald Trump does. And, frankly, if Booker is not-straight and willing to make that clear, it could make him an even more appealing political figure to a Democratic electorate pushing to see itself reflected in its politicians. Or:

2. Donald Trump thinks Cory Booker is corrupt

If you believe even Donald Trump wouldn’t quasi-out a sitting U.S. senator during the DNC, this may be the explanation for you.

In recent years, Booker has taken as much or more money from Wall Street than any other Democratic politician. This has not hindered his smooth rise from mayor to senator, but it could become a sticking point as Booker attempts to progress further in what is now a post-Bernie Sanders Democratic party. If Trump is hinting that his business connections have afforded him information about Booker making quid pro quo deals with Wall Street moneymen, then Trump might actually have a point. If Booker were presented as a national candidate to the Sanders left, he could end up as the party’s Marco Rubio: A good-looking, youthful senator whose train to the White House derails after the voters decide they don’t actually like him.

If Trump thinks he knows something about Booker that even Booker doesn’t know, he could be referencing discussions about Booker in the business world happening behind the senator’s back.

3. Donald Trump knows Cory Booker’s Netflix password

And he’s seen the “Top Picks for Cory.”

Those are my theories. Tell me yours in the comments.