A recent article in The New Republic has reignited a debate that will never die: Where do you have to grow up in order to rightfully claim to be "from" a city?

Writer Hillary Kelly—who is from Philadelphia—takes a pretty strict reading, arguing that no one outside the legal-political borders of a city has the right to claim it as his hometown. But maybe you have a more generous—or even more strict—reading?

This is where you come in. Below are the maps of five major American metropolitan cities: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. We want you to annotate the maps with where you think the border lies in which you can rightfully say you grew up in that city. Does Jersey City count as New York (haha)? Is Riverside really L.A.? It's time for us to decide. You can annotate any of the maps by clicking and leaving a comment, or you can draw or describe the borders in an individual post below.

If you do not have any opinions on the borders of those five cities, please write about another major American city in the comments. Later we'll tabulate the results and draw each city's official, inarguable border.


Los Angeles

New York

San Francisco

Washington, D.C.