A Wendy's employee in Lovejoy, Georgia, ended up in jail last month after she allegedly "misplaced" the blunt she was smoking inside a burger that was served to a customer.

According to TMZ, the customer, Shalon Travis, found the half-smoked blunt in her cheeseburger she purchased on November 1.

"Upon arrival at home, she took her food out of the bag and noticed a strange odor in her hamburger," Lt. Michael Gaddis told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. " When she opened it, she discovered a partially smoked marijuana cigarette."

Travis returned to the burger joint and called the cops after speaking with the manager.

When officers arrived, they confronted 32-year-old Amy Seiber, who reportedly confessed to the crime.

"They were able to speak with the suspect, who admitted that she was responsible," Gaddis told the paper. "She had been smoking while she worked. When she was fixing the burger, part of the marijuana fell into the burger."

Wendy's has since fired Seiber and released a statement saying she broke the rules by "not follow[ing] proper food handling steps."

Travis claimed she experienced "food poisoning-type symptoms" following the incident, which required her hospitalization. However, it remains unclear if she consumed any part of the tainted "bluntburger."

Nonetheless, the company offered to pay the customer's medical expenses and "has even generously thrown in a $50 gift certificate," according to TMZ.

[photo via Facebook via Daily Mail]