A 25-year-old man who lives with his mother (oh, his poor mother) in London claims to have slept with 200 women in the past year, all of whom he found through Twitter.

His name is Ben James and, with over 74,000 Twitter followers, he is certainly the most popular man on Twitter currently living with his mom and claiming to use the social network as a device that affords him unlimited sex. The Daily Mail has the scoop:

Ben, who sends around 20 tweets a day, said: 'I'll send out a funny tweet, something edgy, and then it gets retweeted a few hundred times.

Every retweet gets me a hundred or so followers, plus a few celebs, and from that I get a bunch of direct messages.

'Girls send me hundreds of messages a day. Some send naked pictures, some ask for my phone number; and some ask me straight out for sex.

And the siren song tweets, that even attract a few celebs? "Girls will find a misspelled word in your Tweet but can't find their baby father," "I dare a girl with drawn on eyebrows to argue with me. I'll lick my thumb," and "Sweat pants hair tied chillin' with no Makeup on - that's why you single go and put some on" are a few. No, wait — ladies, come back!

And for those of you who still aren't convinced, the claim comes with a bit of sexy chat evidence:

Hmmm. Story checks out! And if you haven't gotten your fill of Ben by now (who has?) (round 2 is a must), don't worry: the Daily Mail reports that Ben, a "TV producer," is in talks with MTV about a reality show called It's a London Thing.


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