Although he doesn't legally need permission for his parodies, Weird Al is famously gracious about seeking the original artist's blessing before releasing a song, even with an album release deadline approaching. After getting no response from Iggy Azalea's people, Al flew to her show in Colorado last month to beg her for permission, TMZ reported.

"I took a little offense to [TMZ] saying I was 'begging' for permission," Al told Grantland. "I like to call it asking politely and with respect. I don't go to a level considered begging."

Whatever you call it, Iggy said yes. The result is "Handy," the 4th of 8 music videos from Al's new album, Mandatory Fun.

In music, as in home improvement, Al is the consummate professional.

Here, he's abandoned the Clueless theme from Iggy and Charli XCX's original 'Fancy" video in favor of a character who is anything but clueless about gluing, screwing and stripping.

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