It's impossible to know for sure exactly what white substance burst forth from supermodel Cara Delevingne's pocketbook on Saturday, as she merrily searched for her keys in front of her London home. Perhaps it was a baggie of bone ash, to make a glaze for tiny ceramics. Perhaps it was a pinch of anthrax, to poison her littlest enemies. Perhaps it was 1 gram of flour, to bake a cake for a fairy queen.

H&M, which hired Delevingne to be the face of its Divided campaign earlier this year, thinks it might be cocaine, which is crazy, because Cara Delevingne is a supermodel, not a professional cocaine. After photos of Delevingne and the spring-loaded baggie of, I don't know, baby powder were printed in British tabloids over the weekend, a spokesperson told the Daily Mail the company would investigate whether she had violated its anti-drug policy.

"We have a zero tolerance policy towards drugs, and this also forms part of our advertising policy. Our team will evaluate the evidence over the next few days. If the story is true, then we will take action."

In 2005, the retailer revoked supermodel Kate Moss' advertising contact after she was photographed using cocaine.

The Sunthe paper that first published Saturday's mysterious flying baggie photos—notes that Delevingne is bisexual, the daughter of a personal shopper named Pandora, and never did find her keys.

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