Business Insider has publicly stated that it wants to significantly expand its operations in Europe.

The company currently employs—at least—dozens of people in Manhattan, where its American headquarters are based—and CEO Henry Blodgett has plans to hire even more employees, if you can believe it.

But relatively little is known about what Business Insider does on this small island on the east coast of New York state, which has a population of just 1.6 million.

The company’s main office is situated in an urban area of Manhattan called Flatiron, while it also has other discrete, cramped home offices in the living rooms of its employees.

Gawker visited this site to see what we could find out. Business Insider’s security guard did not allow us to enter any of its buildings.

This map shows where Business Insider’s American headquarters are in relation to the New York outposts of other media giants.

The trip there was arduous and plagued with obstacles. At one point during the two-block trip, I was forced to take a detour.

Having visited a nearby deli less than two weeks ago, I was eagerly anticipating a visit to its biggest media customer, probably. This is the first Business Insider logo I encountered in New York; it was at Business Insider’s main Flatiron site.

The logo was attached to a glass wall. When I arrived there were several people coming in and out of the entrance, possibly working on a story for the Business Insider website.

I was turned away by a very rude security guard at the front desk who asked me, “Can you not?”

In order to gain access to Business Insider’s offices, visitors must have a prearranged appointment with a Business Insider employee.

This is what the American flag above the Business Insider campus looks like. The main building is simply called “150 Fifth Avenue.”

The majority of the entrance was off limits, requiring an employee badge to enter. (“CAN YOU NOT,” the security guard asked again as I took this image.)

Around the Flatiron campus, there are also some pleasant walking routes for Business Insider employees to use at the end of a busy day or maybe even during their lunch break.

This shelter was also outside the building although it’s unclear why it’s there or who is meant to use it.

An on-site pizza place provides Business Insider employees with somewhere to eat when they’re not at their desks. There were over a dozen pizzas on show as I walked by.

The fake plants in 150 Fifth aren’t particularly high but they’re incredibly long when measured horizontally.

This fire alarm in the Business Insider lobby was also intriguing. It’s unclear what Business Insider uses it for exactly.

This trash can outside the office had a strange Styrofoam container with something red on the inside. It could have just been marinara sauce, but it could also be something more exciting.

The Business Insider offices share a street address with a clothing store for promiscuous young adults called LF. It is “very dangerous” if you prefer that your teen not dress like a 2012 Coachella attendee.

Leaving the store proved difficult. When I returned to the Gawker offices, a pack of aggressive dogs were reluctant to let me in. I managed to get out in the end.

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