Missouri’s Speaker of the House, Republican John Diehl, is currently embroiled in a scandal after allegedly exchanging sexts with a college freshman intern who had him in her phone as “Frank Underwood ;).” The Kansas City Star has obtained and verified screenshots of their :kiss emoji: iMessage conversations, which “paint a picture of playful sexual innuendo.” That is certainly one way you could put it.

Diehl, who is married, appears to have texted the intern that he needed “a lot of time and a quiet room” so he could “have my way with you” and “leave you quivering.” The two also exchanged photos, including a bikini pic, to which Diehl responded “Damn, girl. Nice.”

But that’s as filthy as things apparently got. Most of their exchanges were fifty shades of yawn. In meetings, doing homework, working on a document. Not exactly the sort of thing most people get hard or wet for.

So we’ve taken the liberty of making them dirty enough to read, using the magic of stock photos. You’re welcome, Mr. Speaker.

After the existence of these very naughty sexts became public, Missouri Southern State University pulled all its interns from its Capitol internship program a month early, the Star reports. The school says the unprecedented move doesn’t have anything to do with any particular student.

Diehl initially agreed to talk on the record to a Star reporter about the alleged sexts, but backed out May 1.

The anonymous intern, who has hired an employment lawyer, says the messages aren’t real. “Meantime,” the Star adds, “she has told confidants that she had an ongoing relationship with Diehl.”

Update: Diehl apologized Wednesday night, but didn’t make the extent of his relationship with the intern clear:

“I take full responsibility for my actions and am truly sorry to those I let down. I apologize for the poor judgment I displayed that put me and those closest to me in this situation. I also regret that the woman has been dragged into this situation. The buck stops here. I ask for forgiveness. I will begin immediately working to restore the trust of those closest to me, and getting back to the important work that is required in the final days of session.”

Update 2: Diehl resigned on Thursday.

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