After six rounds of elimination and tens of thousands of votes cast, the Gawker Privilege Tournament has concluded. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the Least Privileged Group in America:

The Homeless. They really do have it rough.

In the final round, you—the people privileged enough to have an internet connection with which to cast a vote in an online poll—voted that the homeless are less privileged than Native Americans, by a final tally of 59%-41%.

But this tournament was about more than merely picking a winner. With this project complete, we have definitively established a hierarchy of privilege, or lack thereof. In the future, when arguments arise on the internet about whose lack of privilege is greater, we hope that the combatants will refer back to the final bracket as an encyclopedia of sorts, standing ready to settle all disputes. With your help, we have created the Official Scrabble Dictionary of privilege. Use it.

And, if you can, please recruit more homeless people into online comment sections. It is the only place where their absolute lack of privilege will serve them well.

[Image by Jim Cooke]