How do you propose to someone who knows the question is coming? Step one, at least in 2013, always involves procuring high-end video equipment. But step two includes setting up as many near-proposals as possible, making it seem as though the question could come at any second. And while I might have declared proposal videos over, this one is just charming enough to make me reconsider.

According to the video's description, the Summer found out her boyfriend was going to propose that night. So he decided to scrap his original plan and give her a night of surprises, including a public announcement at a sushi restaurant, and a group of men conveniently playing a Bright Eyes song in an empty park. In each location the girl waits for the question, and in each location, the question never arrives.

Using hidden video cameras and a group of friends, the man is able to capture each moment of the night, including the final—and real—proposal. It's sweet, the music's decent, it's in HD. And it's way better than any proposal in a Kay Jewelers holiday commercial.

[h/t reddit]