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Sony posted this ad on its YouTube channel Friday, but quickly pulled it after it met with criticism online. And speaking of quickly pulling it, the "Doctor" spot features a sexy, female M.D. unsubtly comparing playing PlayStation 4 games on your Vita to jerkin' it all over town.

Boingboing called the ad, produced by Belgian agency TBWA, "a ship burning faster than it can sink," and the Verge listed several reasons why it's embarrassing for everyone at a time when the world is starting to recognize that gaming isn't just for horny teenage boys.

Sony hasn't said why it took the ad down—it could be because of complaints about sexism, or it could be that they decided the jerk-off joke wasn't really on-brand.

It could also be that the conceit isn't particulary original. This ad for Microsoft's PlayStation competitor, the Xbox 360, ran in 2010:

[h/t Business Insider]