“All crime is about stealing,” utters Dinesh D’Souza on the voiceover for his new film’s trailer, sounding like a stoned Bill Walton who accidentally caught a 7-Eleven shoplifter after wandering in for a cheeseburger-flavored hot dog. But D’Souza himself doesn’t have such quotidian concerns. What he’s worried about is the stealing of...America as we know it.

This being D’Souza, the culprit is the Democratic Party. The new documentary is called Hillary’s America. Judging from its trailer, it will be every bit the insane, possibly racist spectacle that Obama’s America, D’Souza’s previous film, was. I’ve thought for a while about my favorite moment from the trailer, and I’ve decided it’s a dead heat between the horse-riding KKK member who jumps out of a filmstrip projection screen and D’Souza’s smoldering death stare at the camera near the end, which I’ve made into a GIF above. Watch below and decide for yourself.

Someone please get Dinesh D’Souza some help.

h/t Libby Watson. GIF via Dinesh D’Souza/YouTube. Contact the author at andy@gawker.com.