Ted Cruz, a man who steps on the face of an endangered animal every time he strolls across his office, has empathy. Really!

Case in point: here’s a video of the Republican candidate taking a precious moment out of his day to argue about health care with a man, identified only as Scott, who has disabilities. During a campaign stop at the Pie Pan restaurant in Evansville, Indiana, this weekend, Cruz stopped to lean on the man’s wheelchair while a pair of people next to him explained that if the Affordable Care Act were repealed, “people like him would not be able to get health insurance at all,”

Mediaite parsed the conversation between the group:

...to which Cruz replies “There’s no doubt that we need to provide care…”

“But it was never done before,” the man replies. “It was never done. Nobody did it.”

“I can tell you millions have lost their health care at the same time,” Cruz responds.

The man then points to Scott and says “Well, but it made a difference to some.”

The rate of uninsured people has fallen from 18% to 11.9% since the Affordable Care Act took effect. No matter to Cruz the empathetic, as he is known in certain circles.