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The morning after a Connecticut judge granted convicted murderer and Kennedy relative Michael Skakel a retrial, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Skakel’s cousin, appeared on The Today Show in an interview with Matt Lauer, where the 59 year-old radio host defended Skakel’s innocence, or tried to.

So who killed Moxley? Kennedy revisits the 2003 claim that two friends of Gitano “Tony” Bryant (the cousin of Kobe), whom Tony had brought to Greenwich from the Bronx on the night of Moxley’s death, beat her “caveman style” with a pair of golf clubs. That theory ultimately failed to exculpate Skakel.

Admirably, Lauer repeatedly presses Kennedy to explain his arguments for his relative’s innocence (one of which appears to be that a key witness, Gregory Coleman, was a heroin addict) and tries to rein him in before he goes too far off the deep end.

The web of witnesses, testimony, and evidence surrounding the murder of Martha Moxley is fairly tangled, so you might want to get caught up with Dominick Dunne’s 2000 investigation. Let us know about your crazy theories, below.

[Video via The Today Show]