It’s been a hell of a week for Justin Bieber. First that Panamanian prostitute totally kissed, told, and then told some more about the “papacito’s” semen. And then Bieber got caught leaving a Brazilian brothel on Friday, only to be given away by that goddamn wrist tattoo. But things got worse at Saturday’s concert in Sao Paolo when the medium-sized dick turned into a huge dick when he was hit in the face with a water bottle.

According to The Telegraph, Bieber first showed up an hour and 20 minutes late to the Anhembi Arena where he was to perform. He was also more than three hours late to a meet and greet with fans who had paid over $1000 to meet him in person. After the show began, Bieber then kicked a Brazilian flag that had been thrown onto a walkway, upsetting many in attendance. And finally, toward the end of his set, someone threw a water bottle on stage that hit Bieber in the face and knocked the microphone out of his hands.

And with that mic drop, Bieber gave a look and then turned around and walked off stage. The fans remained in the arena for 30 minutes calling for him, even starting a group sing-a-long of “Baby.” Finally, the lights in the arena came on, the crew started packing up equipment, and the disappointed crowd left.

A Brazilian music reviewer wrote that “a night of fun was overshadowed by a few seconds of anger and immaturity.” But your night of fun will just begin when you watch this video repeatedly. Throwing bottles is bad, of course, but that look, oh man, it’s so good.

[h/t reddit]