Has Jon Krakauer been reading Gawker? Okay maybe not. But he did a pretty great job of moderating an impromptu post-interview Q&A session for his new book, Missoula, on Wednesday.

Krakauer was being interviewed in Missoula about his book, which focuses on a spate of rapes in the college town between 2010 and 2012. As the interview was winding down, Thomas Dove, who identified himself as a lawyer, made his way to the front of the room and somehow (?) got ahold of a microphone. He then “called Krakauer a liar, accused him of bias and of breaking the law by citing confidential documents in his book,” according to the AP.

At first, Krakauer entertained the local loon, but then realized what he was dealing with (an incorrigible asshole), walked over to him and took the microphone away from him. Wow. Sometimes it’s that simple.

And then everyone cheered.

See for yourself below.

Contact the author at leah@gawker.com. Photo of the Krak via AP. Video via the Missoulian.