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What is up, generations of bemused and confused observers have asked, with Donald Trump's hair? The television clown and serially bankrupt business mogul sports a peculiar, swirling spun-sugar-colored confection on top of his head. It is clearly an elaborate work of artifice, designed to confound the eye.

But what is the truth that lies hidden beneath this tonsorial oddity? Today, as Trump presided over a publicity event in which desperate people scrabbled for crumpled cash, Gawker photo editor Victor Jeffreys II found himself taking pictures and video from a vantage point shockingly close to the famous hairdo and the person below it. As we reviewed his footage, we were struck by a sudden flash of pink—the pink of a totally hairless scalp.

From one angle after another, the harsh lighting cut through the halo of meticulously crafted bullshit. Donald Trump is bald, bald, bald. Donald Trump's crown is thoroughly devoid of hair. Donald Trump is as hairless as a naked mole rat.

Photo and video by Victor Jeffreys II; video editing by Kate Bennert.