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Today, CNN's Don Lemon interviewed Talib Kweli about why the rapper chose to travel to Ferguson and participate in protests there. It did not go very well.

Early on in the interview, Kweli says he came to Missouri partially because "the media has been doing a horrible job of making sure that the stories get out in the right way," which Lemon takes as an opportunity to defend CNN's coverage. From there, what could have been a productive conversation turns into the worst kind of petty argument.

Kweli takes issue with a particular CNN headline—"Ferguson streets were calm until bottles fly"—arguing that the police should have been pinpointed as the agitators of the situation, to which Lemon counters that Kweli can only speak for his own personal perspective. Then, they start fighting about who greeted whom:

KWELI: Let me explain something. I would listen to you if you had the decency—let me finish—if you had the decency to greet me.

LEMON: I do have the decency. I invited you to come on CNN.

KWELI: Let me tell you what happened. You didn't invite me. Nicole invited me, first of all. You came up—you didn't even say nothing to me. You were on your phone the whole time. You asked how to pronounce my name. You have no respect for who I am.

Talk briefly turns back to the protests, then Lemon tries to get the last word in:

LEMON: As far as you saying, me coming up—I have a job to do. What I'm doing on television is in this phone. I'm reading—hang on—I'm reading—

KWELI: I would have the respect to greet you if I had never met you before, brother. To say, "How are you doing? It's nice to meet you."

LEMON: I said, "How are you doing."

KWELI: No you did not.

LEMON: I did.

And so on. Everyone learned so much about Ferguson today!