If you're looking for a way to peak your heart rate today, Denver area drug suspect Ryan Stone had the city rapt this morning when he led police officers in a three-car carjacking, one which included an unattended four-year-old boy.

The footage, which can be caught in remarkably clear detail below, is a captivating sight. Stone initially stole a car from a gas station while the mother of the child was inside the station paying, and then took off down I-25, driving erratically and bumping into other cars along the way.

He then carjacked a minivan, drove across a grassy bank, and headed the wrong way down the eastbound lanes of I-76. You can see zoomed-in footage of Stone tearing a woman from the third carjacked vehicle after which she decided to lunge after him.

Stone was apprehended by police after crashing the third car. After crossing a parking lot, he was "running so wildly he lost his jacket," and "he struggled to jump a fence before police caught him." Stone was wanted in a drug case.

[Image via NY Daily News]